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[MOD POST] Fashion Contest


If you like fashion and AUs, there’s a contest to imagine a mutant Darcy Lewis outfit over at the Polyvore Darcyland Group [X]

Anyone can become a member and participate.

How are we given items?

Crowley on SPN

So Crowley just killed a woman through, well, telekinesis.

Why are Sam and Dean alive again?

I know that Crowley sometimes has reasons not to, but he hated(or hates) them pre-season 9, and knows they could kill him one day, so why not just kill them when he has so many chances?

Oh my gosh, 200 followers.

Hello all. I wish I could follow all of you but my dash would be flooding.

Some of you I did decide to follow, then I unfollowed when my dash overflowed, and now I’m too afraid you’ll think something is up if I follow you again…

I think part of the reason I want a cat is because I miss my two dead cats. I remember petting them(well, my last one, since the other one died when I was a teenager, so my memories of him are more vauge) and the feeling of petting a cat again makes me warm. But it won’t be the same.

When I petted my sis cats, it wasn’t the same.

I should probably get a bunny… I have almost no memories of the bunnies I had as a little child. No transferens of feeling there.

I just realized that for the same amount(I checked) of a rabbit, I could get a new bed. I just need to pay a little bit more than I would for a rabbit for a year.

But I couldn’t buy both. God dammit. It would be so nice to stretch out. Not have my arms tight along my sides.

I’m trying to decide whether to get a bunny or a cat(bunny is better for my budget) and I’ve decided on a bunny, but then I saw this wonderful post with a cat.

I’ll reblog it now.

God, I really dig Cain. He was forboding, broody, but not too much. Wonderful acting, no “I’m the dark brooding bad guy.”

He felt real.



Breakfast around the world

Fuckin australia

The Swedish one is accurate. Well, I don’t eat tomatoes, but that looked like a damn good breakfast.

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